Basic Ladder Safety

We all have to use a ladder at some point in our lives and on a day to day basis using a ladder is a pretty safe thing to do especially if you follow our simple rules:


3 Points of contact at all times – 1 foot and 2 hands – 1 hand 2 feet.
Never over lean (even if the ladder is attached at the top).
Never carry more than you can handle.
Never overload the ladder (most of our ladders can handle 150kg (24 stone) safely).
Push loads up from below using the sides of the ladder as a guide.
Always try to use 2 people – one in the loft one on the floor.


While these rules apply to normal ladders most normal ladders aren’t attached at the top like loft ladders are. Loft ladders are a far safer way to access your loft and we can fit them in a flash. Contact us for more info.