Loft Boarding and Storage Solutions


Boarding out your loft is definately something someone with DIY skills can do but it’s not for the faint hearted. The boards are 20kg each, 2.4m long by .6m wide, very ungainly to those not used to carrying them let alone moving them around in the loft. We can also save your from the stress of "Joist Hopping". Here at Lofty Ladders we want you to take a seat, enjoy your favourite brew and leave us to do the work for you.

As a DIY’er it might take 2 weekends to board your loft, maybe more. We can normally get all but the very largest lofts done in a day. Working to high standards with a tried and trusted method in just one day your loft can be transformed from a dusty nasty place where you are constantly worried about slipping over or foot holing your ceiling to a safe working platform.

Loft Boarding without storage


Boarding the floor in a loft is just the first step to creating a safe working space for you to store your gear. Yes, we can just stack stuff up on the floor right up to the ceiling only to have to move it all every time we want something. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to install a decent storage system, or at the very minimum a basic storage system so you can safely walk up and down your loft?

Lofty Ladders has designed 3 different types of storage systems for your loft all are great value for money but more importantly they maximise the storage space in your loft.

Outer Balance:
Outer balance is simple a set of extra timber added on the outside of the boarding such that your can balance boxes between the edge of your boarding and that outer rail. It is a cheap and effective way of increasing the storage space in your loft and keeping your floor clear.

Truss Shelving:
Truss shelving is just that. Providing there is enough room in the loft we add shelves to the spaces between your trusses. This shelves aren’t designed to carry a lift time collection of books or the family silver but that can take a decent sized suitcase. Each shelf is normally about 100cm long x 50cm wide and like the Storarail system we can normally get 10 to 16 shelves in your loft (depending on space).


Storarail is simple timber rail system laid out level with your boarding such that the larger wheeled storage boxes can be pushed out into the eaves. Most modern houses can accomodate 10 to 14 large storage boxes in their lofts, sometimes more.

Strata 140 litre Storage Box 

We’ll provide you with the best service the UK has to offer along with the best products the UK has to offer. Give us a call now to get a no obligation quote and turn your loft into a bright and clean storage area to be proud of.