Loft Storage / Hobby Rooms

Here at Loft Ladders we can take your grim, dark dirty and cold loft and turn it into a clean, dust free, light loft that is a pleasure to be in. Loft rooms are different from loft conversions. They don’t require massive alterations to the structure of the building (although some alterations are normally required) aren’t any where near as expensive. We can normally design them with storage space in the sides (in the case of a modern truss roof design) keeping the center part of the loft free for you.

Have you ever wanted:

  • A home office
  • Kids play room
  • Model railway room
  • Hobby room

All of these are possible when using your loft as a storage room and at a lot lower cost that you would pay for a loft conversion.

When you add in a new loft ladder and door you can get up and down in a matter of seconds. That’s what lofts are meant for.