Fitting a Fakro Wooden Loft Ladder in a Confined Space

This Fakro Wooden Loft Ladder would never had opened correctly without some nifty gadgetry on our part.

Metal to Wood Garage Door Conversion

In this video we have something a little different. Our customer has a homemade, concrete bomb shelter embedded in their...

Skylark ELectric Loft Ladder

Loft Ladder Optimum Angle

Ladder angle: As you can imagine we at Lofty Ladders visit quite a few homes and see an awful lot...

Rockwool Fire Barrier Installation in 1800 Terraced House

In this video we install a rockwool fire barrier in a 1800’s terraced house. Unusually in my experience there was...

New Loft Hatch In Ceiling (How to cut out a loft hatch)

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Skylark Electric Loft Ladders

How to cut a loft hatch

The Lofty VW T6.1 Van gets a new stereo

The 2022 VW T6.1 Lofty Ladders uses for quoting and transport of materials has had a stereo upgrade. All completed...

Opaque Perspex window in loft hatch.

Youngman Deluxe with Opaque Window Hatch

Lofty Ladders is pleased to announce that we recently installed a Youngman Deluxe with Opaque Window Hatch. As you can...