The Benefits of Loft Insulation

  • Significant savings on your energy bills
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Keep the heat in and the cold out of your home

Almost 1 quarter of the heat that your heating system puts into your home will float out of the roof if your loft is uninsulated. If your loft is only partly insulated it’s still 1 eighth just floating away into space.

Loft insulation is cheap and, if installed correctly, can last up to 40 years giving you a return year on year.

Loft insulation should alway be laid with the first layer directly on the back of the ceiling and normally to a depth equal to the height of your joists from the back of the ceiling (normally 100mm). The next layer should alway be laid in the opposing direction to seal up any gaps that might cause cold spots and therefore, condensation on the ceiling below.

If you plan on using your loft for storage attaching the boards directly to the top of the joists will severley limit the amount of insulation you can add. The correct way to install boards is by raising the floor using either timber  (our preferred method) or plastic stilts. This way you can add more insulation up to and including 400mm. It is vitally important to leave a gap between the top of the insulation and the underside of the board, mininum of 50mm (2″). This will prevent condensation forming on the bottom of the boards. Water drips and insulation do not mix well!

Old loft insulation such as that in the picture above is still perfectly functional but can be incredibly irritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory system (you will start coughing as soon as you start moving it around) so ALWAYS wear a mask, gloves and if possible a thick wool top or overalls. This applies to working in a loft for anything more than just a few minutes.

Cost Benefts

Our average cost is calculated from all the insulation jobs we did between January 2022 and January 2023. The average cost of insulating a house over that time came out at £1053 which seems like a lot but when compared to the savings highlighted below you can see it’s quite insignificant.

In our average house used to generate the above figure of £1053 insulation pays for it’s self in the first 4 years and on average saves £250 per year. It also has a life span (when not crushed by boxes of stuff) of 40 years so you keep saving money year on year. Potentially over it’s 40 year life that investment of £1053 can give a saving of:


You can try our Loft Insulation Calculator to find out the potential savings you can make.

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