A day in July 2023

July 18th 2023:
A 07:30 alarm awakes me from my slumber. I’m currently training a staff member, my son Tom (it’ll be 2 by the end of the month, Graham will be the first non family member to work for Lofty Ladders) so I’ve actually got to do some work. Today we’re off to Ashford to do a door and ladder:

Door and Ladder jobs are a bread and butter project for Lofty Ladders. We’ve done literally thousands of them at this point and the always turn out looking fantastic (even though they need a lick of paint) and more importantly, make loft access quick, convinent and safe.

Then to Hythe to do a New Access:

New access can make all the difference. In this case the old loft hatch was above the stairs at a height of about 4 meters. It had a heavy marine ply door and a huge old fashioned iron deadbolt to close it. To our surprise there was another door above this one which weighed twice as much and had 2 iron deadbolts.. I wonder what they were trying to keep in the loft? This hatch had already claimed a fall by a tradesman.

My son Tom acheived a first today. He successfully opened a new access hole and retimbered the joists.. Congrats:

My son Tom!!!